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Stay Comfortable
  • The only duvet designed for couples
  • Ideal for anyone suffering from hot flashes or night chills
  • Keeps your feet warmer or cooler when flipped 90 degrees


The Duovet is the only dual temperature duvet with a warm side and a cool side to keep you both comfortable.

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Comforter Clips provide an easy way to secure your Duovet inside your favourite duvet cover

The Duovet helps you get the good night sleep you deserve. No more sleepless nights because you’re too hot or too cold. No more fighting with your partner over the temperature or hogging the blanket.

If you own a bed, you need the Duovet!

Hear From Our Customers

Wow !!!!!
We have never slept better! The duovet fits our King size bed ,and it is the only blanket we need now. My husband doesn't need to wear sweat suits to bed anymore to keep warm,and I am loving the cool side!

Renae B