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What makes the Duovet different from other duvets?

One half of the Duovet is filled with 40 ounces of microfiber filling to keep you warm.  The other side has only 20 ounces of microfiber filling to stay cool.

What size is the Duovet?

The Duovet is available in a convenient Queen size (88” x 90”) to fit most beds, or a luxurious King Size (106" x 90").


What is the Duovet made of?

The Duovet has a synthetic microfiber fill, and the cover is 100% ‘tender to the touch’ cotton (180 thread count) with a quilted ‘baffle box’ design to prevent bunching.  The Duovet has an anti-microbial and anti bacterial treatment for lasting hygienic freshness and odor protection.


How can I tell which side is the warm side and which side is the cool side?

If you are not sure which side is which, try squeezing the corners.  You should be able to feel the difference in the thickness of the fill.  You can also hold the Duovet up to a window or other light source.  The cool side will be darker than the light side.

How long should I expect for delivery?

Expect 2 to 4 weeks from placing your order to receiving your Duovet.

How are sales taxes calculated?

Sales taxes are calculated at checkout depending on your location.  If you live in the US and are subject to sales tax, they will be charged on delivery.  If you live in Canada you will be charged the applicable rate depending on your Province.


How is shipping calculated?

Shipping is FREE!!


Where do you ship to?

We offer free shipping to anywhere in the continental US and Canada, not including Alaska, the Yukon, or the Northwest Territories.  If you want to ship anywhere outside of our free shipping area, contact to arrange a custom shipping price.

How do I care for my Duovet?

The Duovet is 100% machine washable. Machine wash in cold water. Tumble dry on low setting. Wash dark colours separately. Do not use bleach.

Does it matter if I prefer to sleep on the left or right side of the bed?

No. The Duovet can be flipped over so the warm side can be on the right or left side.  It can also be rotated 90° so the warm side can be on your feet, or over your torso.

Will the Duovet fit inside my existing duvet cover?

The Duovet will fit in any existing Queen or King size duvet cover.


How do the Comforter Clips work?

The Comforter Clips are soft clips that hold the Duovet inside any duvet cover to prevent shifting or bunching.  They also make it easier to put the duvet cover on.

What if I don’t love my Duovet?

If you are not completely satisfied with your Duovet, you can return it at any time in the first year for a full refund, less shipping.  If you live in the US, mail the Duovet to: Duovet Returns, Crossdec USA Inc, 3rd Building - 148 A Bryce Blvd, Arrowhead Industrial Park, Georgia Vermont, 05464. If you live in Canada, mail the Duovet to:  Duovet Returns, 177 Miner Street, Cowansville, Quebec, J2K 3Y5, Canada.  Be sure to include your full name, address and other relevant contact information.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact